Food Instagram Story: Traditional English Breakfast

It’s funny how they say time machines don’t exist. The world is surrounded by time machines everywhere you look, though it may not always be apparent at first glance. A plate can carry so many memories on it that the thought is somewhat overwhelming. But, if you look close enough, smell deeply enough, touch long enough and taste often enough, the contents on that plate can take you back in not only time, but can take you on an unforgettable sensory experience which makes you remember what you thought you had forgotten.

The sizzle popping of the oil on the pan, the repetitive pounding of the whisk against the bowl, the slicing of the vegetables on the warm, wooden chopping board all unite in not only what seems to be a breakfast to some, but to others, it’s something more so familiar: home. This particular scent is a personal alarm clock, which signals through all of your senses that it’s time to take on the day. This memory is triggered by a specific list of ingredients, cooked to a certain measure of personal perfection.

The eggs, large. Striving for the size of a tennis ball but just falling short. Fried, of course. So that you could still taste the sizzle of oil you could hear popping when you were still in bed. The sausage? Fried. So that the skin becomes a little burnt on the sides, for that crunchy satisfaction after the first bite is taken out of it. The hash browns are no strangers to crisp edges, as they too have blackened corners to deceive a strong exterior to a contrasting soft center. The beans must be baked, as otherwise they cannot take you 3,622 miles away back to London. And the bacon – crisp. Once those elements combine in unity, you are left with not only a hearty meal to start off your day right, but a meal which satisfies all of your senses while simultaneously taking you on an adventure which may trigger the past as much as it may stimulate the future.

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